Energy work

Energy work

Let me tell you about energy work! If you ever done this, you know how challenging it can be! So what is energy work? Well, if you see yourself, your body, your mind, your thoughts and feelings, as living, changing shifting energy, vibrating on a certain frequency, then energy work is making sure that this system functions on it`s optimal level, like a radio, you have to find the right position to get a clear sound through. If the system runs smoothly, it flows in a healthy body, with uplifting thoughts and solution oriented perspective, it`s like beautiful waves that can pass unhindered through your body, from top to toe, while a system that doesn`t work will have obstacles for those waves, things that have gotten stuck along the way, things the waves are trying to avoid, ignore, move around, maybe some waves have even stopped moving at all, and some may have completely cut the connection between the head and body, so the two parts have no idea what the other one is doing and all communication have stopped. This is where energy work is needed!

I have been working on my own energy for many years now, cultivating, releasing, cleaning up, untying knots, healing old patterns, just getting rid of all that old stuff that doesn`t serve me, all that I have been holding on to of others peoples stuff, all that I have adapted to, everything I ever changed about myself to fit in with my surroundings, every negative attitude I had about myself and the world. It is a lot of work, challenging, hard look in the mirror work. I mean years of conditioning, holding on to stuff that`s not even yours, maintaining attitudes that are unhealthy, world perspectives that are just not doing any good, there are so much to do once you open that door, but yes, there is also the freedom of looking at yourself and choosing which parts you want to consist of. Imagine that. You are free to raise yourself on your own, letting go of what`s been told to you, about you, and instead reconnecting with your nature, your feelings, your way of doing things, at looking at things, feeling the vulnerability and innocence you once had, being free and feeling real joy and laughter all the way down from your belly. Finding a genuine appreciation for yourself and the world. Being your own authority, always knowing what is best for yourself, checking in with a healthy and functioning energy.  There are many benefits, but the road is long, and there are steps to take, small progresses, day by day, changing in little ways, trying out the new, testing, accepting the bits that feels comfortable to you, daring to let go of what doesn`t. Have patience, for change isn`t easy and for you to be able to cope, it has to be slow, there is just no other way it can work.

You don`t open up this door unless something is clearly not working for you, when you are just fed up and ready to make a change, and when you get that feeling, when you get that urge to rise up and do things differently, then go for it! Ride that wave, see where it takes you!  The most important thing to be aware of is that there is always a different way of being, thinking, feeling, there is always the possibility of changing your ways and understanding more of who you are and why. Always! Believe in the possibilities, they are real! That other voice is just fear. I promise.

There is freedom in changing your inner world, and there is freedom in understanding your fears and anxieties, your doubts and worries, because once you understand, you can change. You can tell the fear circumstances have changed since your past, you can tell your body that you will listen to it`s pain and the reason behind it, you can ask your attitudes to let you know where they come from. And so you open up for change, nothing has to remain stuck, but the energy demands communication, it demands to be listened to, to be understood and finally explained why change is not only possible but desirable.

Working with your own energy can take a lot of forms, it can be through painting, through writing, meditation, energy healing, communing with nature, looking at the ocean, keeping a journal, through conversations with friends, through conversation with guides, there are so many ways to go about it, once you decide that enough is enough and that you are ready for change. Dance it out, ready to let go, ready to get closer to yourself in a brave way, in a Here I am world! -kind of way.

Energy work-completly worth the time and effort.

Are you ready to transform? Go for it! The power is all yours.

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