The art of sustaining a natural balance

There is an art to keeping up a natural balance in yourself.

In the state of a balanced natural energy system you would give as much as you receive, and receive as much as you give. There would be a natural balance and circulation able to sustain itself, working with the universe, with people, with your own energy, with the world.

Now why is this so hard to achieve ?

Because of attitudes and inner belief systems creating energy that blocks your circulation. Yes, those that have a stronger pull on your actions than your natural balance. Say you have been giving, and your body and mind lets you know that it`s enough now, you need to have a rest and charge your batteries. Now listening to this would be sustaining your natural energy balance, you would rest, allow space, allow stillness, you would honor your bodies demand, you would honor your natural energetic boundaries, and it would be a good thing to do.

Now imagine you have some attitudes that tells you; you are here to serve other people, you have no right to rest, your need to rest is not important, you have to keep going until you are not able to physically move, you must give others what they want when they want it, you have no right to say no. And imagine that these are much stronger than the  voice of your body and the natural balance, leading you to ignore them, and push yourself to keep going, keep giving, empty yourself out, not being able to stop until you exhaust yourself. This is working against the natural balance. Everyone has a energy system with a natural balance, and I`ll say it again; exhausting yourself is working against the natural balance.

Now imagine that you did listen, and that you did rest, and that someone would respond to your energetic need to now receive. They would come to you with a gift, or some kind words, or maybe an offer to help you in some way.  This would be a natural occurrence in a healthy balanced system, and you would accept their offer, or their words, sustaining your own need to receive and their need to give. Or maybe when resting you would get an idea of someone who could help you and you would ask this person, and receive the help needed. All is well, everyone is in their flow, and balancing their own energy systems in a very natural way. If you saw energy, you could see how a wave comes in on the left side of the body, circulates, builds up and exits out in the world again from the right side, and then repeating in from the left. This would be a fully functional and sustainable system.

Now, imagine, that not only did you not listen to your body and kept giving above means, but also refused help from those who offered it. Your energy wants to receive, but there are again stronger attitudes saying; you don`t deserve to receive, you are weak, you are an inconvenience, you should be stronger, you are not worth anyones help, you will expose vulnerability and get used, you are not worthy. You turn down the hand that is offered to you, and cut of the natural energy stream that seeks to sustain itself, also stopping the natural flow of the person who wanted to give. Or you are in need of help, you know who could be of service, but you stop yourself from asking, stop the body from moving and the words from being uttered. Refusing the natural solution to your own need is also cutting of the energy flow.

If we see the energy in the body now, the right side is almost tipping over, exhausting the body of all resources, pumping out every last trace of energy and every time a new energy is built it gets sent right out again. While the left side is shut, locked, frozen and there is an amount of energy in the air next to the left side, that was supposed to enter the body and aid circulation, but this energy is refused, left hanging, wasted. How long can this energy system keep going?

There is also the opposite lack of balance, where a person is only able to receive but never able to give. Receiving in excess, serving attitudes like; I can`t manage anything for myself, I need help to live my life, I have no power, I`m not able to make decisions, I`m not able to be responsible for my life. And not being able to give anything at all, with attitudes saying; I have nothing to give others, I don`t know anything, everything I say is wrong, I`m not worthy to give, I have nothing of value. If we see the energy picture here, there is excess amount coming in through the left side, overflowing the body, but never getting circulated and sent out again, instead weighing down the body, weighing down the mind.

How long can the body, the person and the soul keep this up? And why should it be in this unnatural state?

Everyone has their own story about why and how these attitudes were formed, the experiences that caused these attitudes to sound like truths, and it`s hard to change what you perceive to be true about yourself and the world. But it`s not impossible. First figure out what attitudes you are walking around with and then start the process of convincing yourself that these don`t have to be your truths. They are attitudes, crossing each other, contradicting each other, in every person walking around, they are different. These attitudes are not universal truths about you. They are attitudes. Formed, given, maybe even knocked into you. But they are not universal truths. Someone made you feel this way. This is not the natural balance of your body, your mind and your soul. Someone made you feel this way.

And you can change it. You can say enough. You can see if you really want the people who made you feel this to function as authorities in your life. You can consider if you really think they themselves did such a great job with their lives that you want to let them keep influencing the way you live. You can see if you need new people in your life who can confirm alternative truths about the world for you. You can see what attitudes are present if you refuse help or if you contact someone for your every little decision. And you can choose better attitudes, repeat them, meditate on them, hang them up, paint them out, reflect on them, write about them, get them back into your system.

You deserve to have a healthy balanced system, to give as much as you receive, rest when you need to, act when compelled to. There are no universal truths saying that you are the exception to this. You are not.

This is a natural state. Look around you in nature, see this natural order everywhere, and realize that you are also a part of nature, a part of this system.

Find your way back to a natural, balanced energy system. Let`s all do it. It will function perfectly.

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