Following your heart

Following your heart

It`s not supposed to be easy.

So picture this, your heart has a mind of its own. That mind may be different from or the same as the mind upstairs, but still it has a mind of its own and it has it`s own opinions and desires. Clearly there is a agreement in the world that following your heart is a good thing, it`s applauded and seldom do you hear anyone complaining about having followed their hearts. Why is it still so hard and why don`t more people do it?

The heart has it`s own logic, you see, it doesn`t care about your doubts, your fears, the lines that have been drawn up around you and that you are dutifully within. The heart does not consider what your parents want, what you neighbor want, or what people might say about you. The heart does not go into possible catastrophic consequences of your future, it has no doubts about your capabilities, it knows, your heart knows the direction, knows what you need, it knows your souls desire and it cares about you being happy and living a fulfilling life that will leave your heart pumping healthy and unrestricted for a very long time. Your heart wants to dance and it has its eyes on the price.

Then we have the mind upstairs, which when it works together with the hearts mind, is a great partner and resource to getting those plans going, to steering your life in the direction that is perfect for you. They can be amazing dance partners those two, but then again, the mind upstairs might decide to go dancing with others instead, fear, anxiety, doubt, it might decide to leave the heart as a wall flower that never gets a chance, or kick the heart out of the room altogether, closing the door, and returning to its other partners. In that case, the results aren`t great and not very fulfilling, at least not as far as the heart is concerned. Now the heart might knock on the door, look through the window, panic when it sees the decisions your upstairs mind is making with its other partners, and you feel this heavy heart beat in your body, you feel the tightness in your chest, you feel the nausea and the uncomfortable feeling in your body, but you don`t understand it, because the door is locked and your hearts communication becomes a unrealistic dream.

Most people have experienced this separation from the heart, the silencing of its voice, the hard belief that the upstairs mind is the only one that should be able to make decisions, never seeing who its partners are. “Be realistic, that will never work, you can`t do that, it`s too big of a risk, you need to have control, you better choose the safe option” All whispers of its fearful dance partners and the upstairs mind listens, thinking it is better, must be better, than what the heart has to say.

Following your heart means allowing your heart to get back on the dance floor, to let go of the others and return to what can be a perfect partnership, and it is hard, because those other voices have kept you safe, they have kept you walking within the boundaries set up for you, and you might not be happy, but you have control, you might not be living, but you are playing by the rules and it is working. Now, the heart challenges you, it wants to take risks, it wants to see what you can do, it wants you to be weird and dancing, and laughing, it wants you to live and learn, and open up more of your capabilities, it`s saying life is short and you should take your chances, go for it, trust your intuition and be the most you can be. The heart is going against all those other dance partners, and the fear protests loudly in your ears, the anxiety forces your body to freeze, the doubt worries about disasters. They all agree, it will fall to pieces, you will fall to pieces and everyone will laugh, you can`t do it, better not try.

Will you still give your heart a chance?

It is waiting impatiently for you to stop and see the true faces of your advisors, the old unnecessary  restrictions, the old outdated authorities.

Following your heart means that you make a choice to stop listening to these voices, and find the courage to surrender to your instincts and intuition instead. Imagine that dance, the upstairs rational mind working with intuition, heart and instinct. The limits of the world begins to fade away in that partnership.

Following your heart isn`t easy, but it wants you to be happy and living, so give it a chance, start listening again and let it back on the dance floor.

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