The conversations of L & Y -1

Deep in the woods there are two individuals sitting between the trees and discussing matters of the universe. Let us call them L and Y. We sneak up to listen to them and sit down quietly behind a big rock where they cannot be disturbed by us.

L: what is good?
Y: Whatever you think is good using your inner compass. (Y points to the chest)
L: But does that compass have a common nominator for all people?
Y: No, it does not, as good and bad are illusive categories. They are man-made and have no origion in the universe. They change within every culture. They do not stand the test of time. The borders of the categories are like jelly. They can encompass everything and nothing.
L: But how can that be? Surely there are actions that all will deem to be good or bad on the extreme end of the spectrum.
Y: No, not if you want agrement across the world and not if you want honesty. Good and bad becomes mere opinions based on time and place.
L: But how will one have any guideslines for behaviour then?
Y: Use your inner compass. (Y laughs)
L: But how do I know that my compass is right?
Y: It is your compass. Don`t you trust yourself?
L: No.
Y: Then that is your problem. Knowing yourself is enlightenment.
L: Should one follow all impulses from the compass? Even bad ones?
Y: Bad is whatever your compass tells you it is. If your soul wants to learn about prison it cannot resist breaking the law and going to jail. Is this bad? Should we eradicate bad from the world?
L: Compass says yes.
Y: (Y laughs) You do not carry a universal compass, only a personal one. Alas, you can not make decisions for humankind, only for yourself.
L: Then what if I want to choose bad?
Y: Then you learn the qualities and consequences of that decision you call bad. You consider if this is serving you or not.
L: But is it all about serving me? Y: You are the center of your space in an immense network of connections. You will go blind if you consider the needs of all the people connected to you. How will you choose whose needs to meet? What if they are opposing not only to your own but someone else in the network. Besides if you choose based on someone else you will fail, as you cannot know the outcome of your action no matter the intention. So, you focus on your compass and choose for yourself. Then what you radiate out is decicion from your core.
L: What if I want to choose good but fail?
Y: Good is whatever the compass inside you says.
L: Surely that is not the case. I refuse to believe it is that relative.
Y: Stop naming it good and bad. There are forces in the universe. Forces of light and darkness. They make a whole. They complement each other. The power of one will bring out the power in the other. In this whole they keep supporting each other, opposing each other, challenging each other in eternal development.
L:But surely one is good and the other bad.
Y: (has to breathe deeply and find the inner compass) No. They hold different qualities that complement each other. Everyone gets to choose between light and dark. You choose every day. You can choose light today even if you have choosen darkness yesterday. You hold the power over your own destiny and create it for yourself.
L: But is there ever a time when choosing darkness is preferable?
Y: That depends on your soul. You experience anxiety and when you had enough you fight through it and refuse to let it control you. Now you understand anxiety and know the power required to overcome it. You go from dark to light. Or you yell at others when you feel bad. Eventually, in this life or another, you figure out that yelling makes you feel worse. You will start looking for different solutions because of this understanding. Or you can experience deep injustice and that will give you a choice of either continuing the pattern yourself or fight it. A lot of lessons in the light requires the understanding of the darkness. Darkness need the opposing light.
L: It needs a lot strenght.
Y: Yes. The forces are strong within each, but you can guide your own actions. You have the power to stear the impulses from these forces. They each hold challenges and they each hold rewards.
L: But how can they not be named good and bad?
Y: Those categories are locking you into a reality and stopping you from seeing things from a wider perspective. You hold on to them because you do not trust yourself and your compass. You look outside yourself for guidance. Choosing between light or darkness is different than choosing between good or bad. You might intuitively feel the difference. There is a deeper understanding in us of light and darkness. It allows for a blending. The light in the dark. The dark in the light.
L: How can I trust my inner compass to make the right decisions?
Y: In the end you will have to. Your soul needs you to. If you choose based on an idea of a common compass you will not develop your own. Your soul wants to expand, learn and try, and the life lived will develop your compass.
L: And then you die.
Y: No, then you carry it to the next lifetime.

Y jumps up into a tree and puts his headphones on. He holds up his ipod to show L, who understands that enough has been said for now.

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