Welcome to a session with holistic energyhealing in Bergen.

The focus here is reconnecting body-mind-soul and clearing blockages in the energy system. .There can either be a pure energyhealing session or a combination of conversation and healing if you want to go deeper into understanding the issue at hand. For women a relaxing healingmassage is recommended, a combination of energyhealing and oilmassage for the whole body using gentle strokes.

Below is a short summary of the treatments offered:

Energy-flow (Energiflyt) ; this session is when you want to work more actively with your energy, through conversation and energyhealing. We will go into the issues at hand, be it a emotional state, a feeling or a physical issue. Reading the energy and listening to hear what it wants to convey provides a depper understanding of yourself. Energyhealing will help with creating movement in blockages.  Duration 1hour/700kr 1,5 hrs/900 kr.

Reiki treatment; Using the universal energy of Reiki to provide new energy to your bodys energy system through 14 points, 3 minutes on each. This session is for when you just want to receive and don`t feel like talking about a thing. Duration 45 min/600 NOK

Healing; Connecting with the spiritual energy to provide movement  and clear blockages from your energy system. There will be a short conversation in the beginning and end of the healing session where we discuss the focus and the experience afterwards. Duration 1h10/775 Nok.

You are welcome to make an appointment online, or either send a message on Facebook  or Instagram. I will answer as soon as possible, usually within a couple of hours.




About me: My name is Maja and I have been working with energyhealing for six years in Bergen. Working with removing and replacing old thought patterns that no longer serves you , recreating connections between body and mind to heal and allow new growth and finding the mental root causes to physical illness, so it can be dealt with and released.I use all my senses in a session, feeling your energy and what you need, connecting with your energysystem and working together with the spiritual forces to find the best solutions. My focus is creating movement, and if you want to find a deeper understanding; improving the connection and communication between feelings, body and mind, so that you can learn to listen to your whole system as one. Often people are disconnected from the body, alienated, and I aim to restore this connection and teaching you to be still and listen to your inner self.